Hanbok rental shop at the hanboknam Gyeongbok palace branch

Hello Everyone~!!  About Gyeongbok Palace I am Hanboknam and I'm going to introduce you to our new branch near by Gyeongbok Palace. But before doing that, let me simply explain on Gyeongbok palace. Gyeongbok palace is one of the famous tourist attractions in Korea, it's the place where the king of the Joseon Dynasty used to live and work. We can certainly say that the palace is the perfect place where you can feel and experience on what Korea traditional culture is. New Branch of Hanboknam Hanboknam is not only my name, but it is also the name of Hanbok rental shop. There are three rental shops of Hanboknam in Seoul, the new branch near by Gyeongbok palace just opened in last fall. If you would like to visit Gyeongbok palace wearing Hanbok, the new branch of hanboknam is going to provide super convenience services. Best location The hanbok rental shop is placed just near by the palace, it takes about less then 10 min by walk between the shop and t

Introducing the new design of Hanbok in a kingdom (with Hanboknam)

This time, I will introduce Hanbok for men who became famous abroad  because of the Netflix drama Kingdom. Viewers who watched the Kingdom said that one of the reasons why they were interested in the drama was its unique costumes and hats. It seemed very interesting to wear different hats and clothes depending on their status and occupation. Then the hanbok that Hanboknam is wearing today is.   So-called Seonbi Hanbok! It is a hanbok worn by men of ordinary people during the Joseon Dynasty. Depending on the wearer's hierarchy or level of wealth, there is a difference in material or color. Also, the traditional hat that Hanboknam is wearing is called "got." The pronunciation is similar to that of God, so foreigners are surprised. During the Joseon Dynasty,  it was made of horse tail feathers and was a very expensive item.  The horse's tail hair is not the main material now because of its advanced material.  The ric

Introducing Hanbok with New Design

This hanbok is an elegant design with beautiful Oriental paintings on top of the skirt. Traditionally, red is a popular color for women.  Adding thin lace fabric to traditional hanbok design,  It's a more feminine and luxurious hanbok. The painting on the skirt is designed to further upgrade the elegance of the jeogori. The three layers of skirt are layered, so it's good to make it look plentiful. The design is being ordered by the mothers of the bride and groom for the wedding.  Red is worn by the bride's mother and green by the groom's mother.  This is the hanbok worn by the mothers of the groom at the bottom. Hanboknam offers a variety of services, including Hanbok Rental service for tourists to travel to tourist attractions and high-end hanbok service for customers who want a special experience. If you come near Gyeongbokgung Palace, please remember Hanboknam.  The best way to experience Korean traditional clothes is

Korea's Couple Days!

Hello Everyone! Hanboknam is back!  Since it's February already,  I would want to talk about Valentines day and other special days that Korea's culture have in Korea!  First of all, Have you wondered how different is valentines in your country and in Korea?  Actually there are not much difference between different countries!  In other countries such as America, Valentines day is a day where you show your love to everyone regardless if you are a couple or not.  In Korea we do that too, but it is usually the women giving chocolates or gifts to their love ones.  This day is really focused for the couples! There is another special day in Korea that we follow after Valentines day which is called "White day."   White day happens right after a month of Valentines day which is on March 14!  White day is a day where men give women chocolates and gifts; it is the opposite from Valentines day. White day is also a day focus on couples.  Do your co

Korea's Han River

Hello everyone!  Today I want to introduce Han River to you, or how Koreans call it- HanGang.  The best time to visit Han River is on a spring day when the temperature is just right for a small picnic with family and friends.  Han river is a place where everyone gather around and enjoy the wind and the food they bring and order! As Han River being a river, it is long so people may wonder which train station to drop off. So people wonder which Han River park to visit.   There are different Han River parks you can visit.  First is YeoYiDo Han River park.  Get off from YeoYi NaRu station and go out to Entrance/exit 2 or 3!  Second is DdukSeom Han River park.  Get off from DdukSeom park and go out to Entrance/exit 2 or 3!  These are the most visited Han river park! When you arrive at these parks,  rent a mat or a small tent where you can sit and enjoy the sun and wind.  A lot of places allows you to rent these,  so do not worry of not knowing wher

Philippine's Night Market-Mercato

Hello I am Hanboknam!  I have talked about the Korean Local Market on my previous post.  Today I want to talk about a night market of the Philippines.  Mercato Centrale's Midnight Mercato at BGC!  This night market is located at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) which is one of the business districts in the Philippines.  Mercato Centrale's Midnight market opens Wednesday to Saturday at 6PM-3AM. Until 3AM!! Surprising right? It is truly a night market!  The night market was not that messy and was well organized.  The food were not too expensive so what I did was to give myself a limit of 200 pesos which is about 4 dollars.  What I bought were different kinds of skewers because when I entered the market, I smelled the meat grilling on charcoal!  These were the skewers I selected.  Chicken Intestines, Pork Barbeque, and Pig ears.  I bought these so that I can bully my employees, but actually, it was really yummy!  It was savory, chewy, and was great

Gwang Jang Market - Korean Market

Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you guys on different food that a lot of Koreans enjoy at the local markets! One of the famous local market that is located in Seoul is call GwangJang Market. From JongRo 5 station, go to exit 11 and walk straight. You will be able to see it because of the big sign and there are more than one entrance!  Credits: traveli.co.kr Let me introduce to you people's favorites here at this market!  1. BinDaeDduk I'm sure you guys have heard of Korean Pancake.  BinDaeDduk is a kind of Korean Pancake. The main ingredient is the mung beans. We grind them firmly and mix it with flour and other vegetables and fry them.  People eat this with MagGulLi, Korean rice wine.  One of the really famous store for this dish is  "SunHee's BinDaeDduk"  Credits: 경향신문 2. YukHwe/NakJi TangTangYi YukHwe is Raw Beef. We cut the raw beef into small strips and put sesame oil with egg and mix it well. In GwangJang Market, there is a diff